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What is Cable Trenching?
Cable trenching is a method of laying cables into the ground by digging trenches. The cables are submerged underground via the trench and are then covered by a layer of earth, bitumen or concrete. Cable trenching, also known as underground cabling, became a popular method of installing cables in the early 90s. It is t...
The Importance of Cable Testing
Installing cables is an expensive process and needs to be treated with the utmost care. During the time between cable installation and termination, cables are prone to damage from a range of factors including foot traffic and the movement of building materials. Therefore, to save time and money, it is importa...
Common Fibre Optic Termination Methods
In recent years, fibre optic termination methods have become more advanced with several methods now common practice in the industry. Choosing the right termination method for your cable will depend on a range of factors including the installation environment, connector performance, tools and your budget. In this blog, ...
How Does Directional Drilling Work?
Directional drilling has become a staple in the drilling industry, providing accurate and quality access to underground conduits that other traditional forms of excavation cannot supply. Directional drilling can be utilised in various industry projects including civil construction, commercial construction, mining, resi...
What is Pit and Pipe Installation?
Pit and pipe installation are nothing new in the world of construction. Pit and pipe installations are a major method not only to utilise these various underground conduits in a safe manner but to hide these dangerous utilities from the general public. Pit and pipe installation are the processes of constructing trenche...
The Different Methods of Cable and Pipe Locating
In order to locate underground utilities such as gas, water, telecommunications, stormwater, electricity and sewer piping, you need to determine the correct procedure that will allow you to locate your utilities. Understanding where particular underground utilities are can save you serious amounts of money in the long ...
Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Processes...
At CableNet Industries, we’re dedicated to implementing safety procedures that produce effective, sustainable and safe solutions for cable and telecommunication infrastructure projects. We employ an Integrated Management System (IMS) that consolidates Healthy and Safety, Environmental and Quality management processes...

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