What is Pit and Pipe Installation?



Pit and pipe installation are nothing new in the world of construction. Pit and pipe installations are a major method not only to utilise these various underground conduits in a safe manner but to hide these dangerous utilities from the general public.

Pit and pipe installation are the processes of constructing trenches within the ground to lay various conduits under the ground's surface. These conduits are laid through a series of trenches, allowing them to provide various services to your home, industrial building or anything in between. Pit and pipe construction is often conducted on existing buildings to either repair damages or maintain their integrity.

What Underground Conduits Can be Installed?

There is a multitude of underground conduits that can be installed through the pit and pipe installation method. These conduits are:

Electrical & Communications

Electrical and communication services provide each house, building or structure with electricity to power household appliances in a safe manor. Communication lines are also installed in conjunction with electricity.


Sewer pipework is a conduit that allows for waste material to be removed from all locations. The primary use is to transport wastewater or sewage from your household or commercial building through a sewage system for treatment or disposal.


Gas lines are also an underground conduit that connects to infrastructure that utilises gas. These lines are connected to a meter that distributes natural gas through plastic, copper or steel conduits.


Water conduits are utilised to carry fresh-water underground to taps and other faucets in building infrastructure. They can also be used for other purposes such as protecting electrical cables from becoming damaged. 

What Machinery is Required?

The machinery that you require for your pit and pipe installation all depends on what stage your surrounding infrastructure is at. If you are implementing new conduits underground to override existing utilities, utilising a vacuum truck is the safest option. Hydro excavation is considered the ‘safest’ trenching and excavation method. However, if your infrastructure has just been completed, chances are there are no existing underground utilities. In this case, you could implement the help of a trencher which are available in varying sizes to tackle all pit and pipe installation tasks. If you aren’t able to get your hands on a trencher, you could hire an excavator with a trencher attachment. There are various machinery options for you to tackle your pit and pipe installation project.

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