CableNet Industries Cable and Telecommunication Projects throughout Australia.

Due to our extensive experience in providing cable and telecommunication installation and maintenance to projects throughout Australia, CableNet Industries have completed several significant cable and telecommunication installation projects since we were established in 2002. The projects we are most proud of and that best represent our range of skills in practice are the following:


Telstra Regional Black Spot Program

  • Installation of Telstra fibre optic network throughout Australia via direct buried/ploughing, directional drilling and open trenching to provide fibre optic backhaul to new Telstra mobile towers in affected black spot areas
  • Splicing, testing and commissioning the new fibre optic cable into the existing Telstra network

Bannerton PV Solar Farm

  • Design and set up of GPS base station for the use of EPC and contractors
  • Installation of 46000 steel piles by GPS with the use of CableNet Industries Vermeer PD10 automated pile drivers
  • Design, engineering and site management of mechanical package

CTW – Tullamarine Fwy Upgrade Sunshine West

  • Directional drilling of all new under road bores for VicRoads ITS network including under road bores up to 5 x PE125 electrical and communication conduit in rock conditions
  • Installation of ITS infrastructure including all pits and piles for CCTV and lighting, trenching up to 5 x P100 conduit in rock conditions and installation of ITS cameras

West Gate Freeway Upgrade

  • Relocation of powerlines/moved underground and utility installation for Fogarty Avenue and Beevers Street
  • Widening of the West Gate Freeway
  • West Gate Tunnel, installation of underground cables and utilities, including pit & piles, CCTV, trenching, underboring, directional drilling and more

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