How Does Directional Drilling Work?


Directional drilling has become a staple in the drilling industry, providing accurate and quality access to underground conduits that other traditional forms of excavation cannot supply. Directional drilling can be utilised in various industry projects including civil construction, commercial construction, mining, residential construction and excavating services.

Directional drilling is a drilling process in which a well is bored at multiple angles to either retrieve natural resources for the ground or to install new and replace existing underground conduits. This process starts by first marking out the drill’s entry point as well as an exit point. Then the drill bit from the directional drill is inserted into the ground, making sure the drill head is suitable for the ground conditions. 

Throughout the entire process, the drill bit is continuously monitored to ensure the correct path is being followed. Once the drill bit has reached the predetermined exit point, the reaming process begins. The reaming process extends the whole wider than the original pilot hole to accommodate the conduit being installed. While the drill is being pulled back through the ground, the conduit pipe is attached to the end. This allows for the hole to become bigger while installing the conduit, making the directional drilling process highly efficient.


Advantages of Directional Drilling

There are several advantages to applying directional drilling for your next excavation project. If time isn’t on your side, directional drilling is your best friend. This method offers much faster installation and allows for the work to be completed faster and at a high standard. Costs are also reduced due to less labour force required to operate the directional drill. Directional drilling also allows underground conduit installation to take place in varying locations, from installation under a road to under a river, directional drilling gives you this option.

What Type of Machinery is Required?

Now, in order to start any directional drilling project, you need to have the required machinery to undertake such projects. The piece of machinery required is either a horizontal directional drill or an all-terrain directional drill. These drills are specifically built to undertake directional drilling services that include cable, fibre and water conduits. Specialised drill bits are utilised to ensure that your directional drilling project is successful and there is less chance of failure.

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