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Installing cables is an expensive process and needs to be treated with the utmost care. During the time between cable installation and termination, cables are prone to damage from a range of factors including foot traffic and the movement of building materials. Therefore, to save time and money, it is important to test cables to ensure they’re working as they should be. This blog will outline the importance of cable testing for your next project.

Testing for Damage

The most obvious reason for testing cables is to see if the cable has undergone significant damage. Even though the cable jacket may appear undamaged, this is not always the case for the line. Crushing, bending and kinking can still occur without showing visible damage to the cable jacket. This can lead to serious issues down the line.

Finding Faults

Along with testing for damage, it is also equally important to test for faults. It is crucial to test for cable faults early in the process to avoid larger problems over time like having to replace a whole line after it has been installed. By cable testing, you can discover if the cable fault was caused by a manufacturer error or installation error.

Saving Costs

By finding cable faults early through cable testing, you can save time and money if you need to replace cables. If problems are discovered later, the costs can be significantly higher and it’s more likely it is that a large amount of cable will need to be replaced.

What to Check During Cable Testing

During cable testing it is important to perform commissioning tests, voltage tests and diagnostics. Early cable testing will significantly reduce the need for further testing. Things to check for include cable conformity, cable quality and cable functionality.

Types of Cable Testing

When performing cable testing, there is a range of tests that can be performed to check for damage and faults. Some of these tests includes connection testing, wiring continuity, earth continuity, earth resistivity and voltage testing. The type of testing you employ will heavily depend on the cable that has been installed on your project site.

Cable Testing with CableNet Industries

The team at CableNet Industries can perform a range of cable testing methods to find faults to save you time and money. We have a range of cable testing equipment we use to present you with accurate diagnostics and results. Our expert team can ensure that your cable infrastructure is healthy and working at optimal efficiency.

CableNet Industries can provide cable testing services along with a range of other cable blowing, cable hauling and fibre termination services Australia-wide. We have an office in Sunshine West, Victoria and Yatala, Queensland. From here, we can provide cable testing services across Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and beyond. Call now to discuss your telecommunication installation needs.

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