What is Cable Trenching?



Cable trenching is a method of laying cables into the ground by digging trenches. The cables are submerged underground via the trench and are then covered by a layer of earth, bitumen or concrete. Cable trenching, also known as underground cabling, became a popular method of installing cables in the early 90s. It is the bread and butter of the telecommunication industry as installing cables in trenches is a safe and effective way to protect cables from weather damage. This blog will outline the basics of cable trenching.

When is Cable Trenching Used?

Trenching is used frequently in roadways and footpaths for installation conduits, pits and cables. Open trench cable laying is a popular method for a range of telecommunication and internet installation services. Cables that most frequently use the cable trenching installation method is the NBN, telecommunication cables, fibre optic installation, data cabling, electrical cabling and AV cabling.

The Importance of Trenching Sizes

When installing underground cables, an important aspect to consider is the depth and width of the trench. To successfully bury a cable, the trench must be dug and prepared properly. The trench must be of adequate size for the cables and ducting. The size of the cable will heavily dictate the size trench you need to dig.

Machines Used for Cable Trenching

When installing cables, the type of machine you use will be impacted by the area you’re digging in. If you’re laying cable in a built-up area where there is a high chance of underground utilities being located, then a vacuum truck will be a suitable option.

Sucker trucks offer a non-destructive method of creating trenches which won’t damage pipes, cables and utilities buried beneath the surface. If you’re sure that there won’t be any lines buried in the area you need to excavate, a ride-on trencher is a suitable machine to create the desired trench depth and width you require. On larger cable trenching projects excavators, tractors or skid steers can utilise a trencher attachment to perform open trench cable laying.

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