Fibre and Cable Ploughing Australia Wide.

As a trenchless cable installation method, fibre and cable ploughing is an inexpensive and efficient solution for cable trenching projects in open fields, flat surfaces and hilly paddocks. Whether you need to lay cables on a golf course, acreage or new subdivision, CableNet Industries supply efficient and innovative cable and fibre ploughing services using up-to-date and modern excavation equipment. At CableNet Industries, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and experienced team and our comprehensive range of cable and telecommunication installation services.


Cable Installation Techniques: Fibre and Cable Ploughing.

If you have a lot of cables that need to be installed quickly and accurately, CableNet Industries can provide fibre and cable ploughing as a comprehensive solution.

As cable installation and telecommunication installation experts, we have developed several specialised cable installation techniques for a range of project types. For bulk telecommunication installation on flat, open or hilly ground, fibre and cable ploughing services are the most efficient.

CableNet Industries are accredited telecommunication installation and maintenance experts that use modern dozers, hauling winches and locating equipment to determine the most efficient way of installing cable onto a site without needing heavy excavation.


An Environmentally Friendly Cable Installation Method.

Fibre and cable ploughing is an efficient and environmentally friendly cable installation method as it preserves the installation site. As a low-impact telecommunication installation solution, cable and fibre ploughing only cuts a small slit into the earth to lay the cable. Cable ploughing does not need to be manually buried, as the slit carved out by the ploughing process will fill itself in naturally over a short period of time. Fibre and cable ploughing works in almost any environment and can be used in close proximity of rocks, roads, fences, houses, signs and other obstacles. As a highly flexible telecommunication installation service, CableNet Industries can use cable ploughing on locations across Australia.


Cable Ploughing for Telecommunication, Electrical, Gas Line, Water and Sewerage Utility Installation.

As industry experts in cable and telecommunication installation, CableNet Industries is the leading provider of professional and high-quality fibre and cable ploughing services across Australia. With offices in Sunshine West, Victoria and Yatala, Queensland, we can provide our fibre and cable ploughing services to sites across the country including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and beyond. Contact us today for more information about our services by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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