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For over 50 years CableNet Industries has been installing cables and fibre optics at properties, locations, civil construction sites across Australia. From start to finish, CableNet Industries can handle all aspects of the cable installation process including cable and fibre termination and fibre splicing. Using only high-quality connectors composed of modern materials and modern termination techniques, we can fit your cable or fibre optic with whatever type of connector you need such as fibre pigtails, fanout kits, sleeving conduit kits and more. We also provide copper jointing services. No matter where in Australia you’re located, CableNet Industries can provide your project with the right cable termination solution.


Fibre Pigtails, Cable Fanout Kits, Splice Protectors and More.

CableNet Industries has a fully comprehensive selection of cable termination solutions including fibre pigtails, cable fanout kits, splice protectors and more. CableNet Industries will provide your cable or fibre optic with the right cable and fibre termination solution. We have the proper training and accreditations to install all types of termination equipment and will always use the most suitable cable and fibre termination equipment. This can include using cable and fibre termination equipment designed specifically for waterproofing, stainless steel protection against external factors, different fibre counts and more. These types of cable and fibre termination solutions include:

Fibre Pigtails

Fibre pigtails have only a single connector on one side of the cable leaving the other side terminated. Having a fibre pigtail termination means that you can easily connect the cable to a pre-existing fibre optic network by melting the terminated fibre to the pre-existing fibre network and link the connector side to equipment.

Fanout kits

Fanout kits break up large bundles of fibre optics into their respective strands, while also often protecting the exposed fibre from the elements.

Fibre Splicing

Fibre splicing is the process of joining two optical fibres together by melting the ends of each fibre optic cable together before allowing the new connection to solidify. This process must be carried out correctly to create a strong and efficient connection. A poorly spliced connection scatters and reflects data carried by the fibre optic cable, resulting in data loss.


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At CableNet Industries, we are fully trained and equipped to provide cable and fibre optic termination solutions for your cable installation project, no matter where in Australia it is located. We have offices in Sunshine West, Victoria and Yatala, Queensland but travel Australia wide including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and beyond. Contact us today for our reliable and professional cable and fibre termination services.

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