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CableNet Industries are the leading experts in fibre optic cable installation, with reliable cable blowing services for installing cables into telecommunication pits and ducts. Whether your project is located in Victoria, Queensland or anywhere in Australia, CableNet Industries are one of Australia’s most professional telecommunication infrastructure installation companies. With over 50 years of experience, we have the industry knowledge required to adapt to any type of cable installation project we undertake. Our team use well-maintained and serviced cable blowing equipment to install fibre optic cable using highly pressurised air or water. No matter how long your cable might be, CableNet Industries can safely and efficiently install hundreds of metres of cables into pre-installed telecommunication ducts.


Cable Blowing Services: Fibre Optic Cable Installation.

Cable blowing techniques are one of the most reliable and efficient methods of installing fibre optic cables into pre-installed telecommunication ducts. At CableNet Industries, we combine our service experience in all types of cable installation projects with our highly-trained and adaptable team of industry experts to deliver premium cable installation no matter where in Australia you are located. We possess a fundamental understanding of the requirements needed to perform safe and successful cable blowing, including duct fill ratios, friction coefficients, the type of cable used and other environmental factors. Our team are fully trained and accredited to perform cable blowing services for your project, whether you need a dozen metres of cable installed or hundreds to thousands of metres of cable installed.


Cable Blowing Across Australia.

CableNet Industries always ensures that the right installation method is used for the right cable. Because of the high speeds that cables can reach when using cable blowing techniques, CableNet Industries tests each cable we use to determine the maximum permissible push force we can use without damaging the cable. We also ensure that when cable blowing, a proper amount of lubricant is used based on the determined friction coefficient. We also ensure that the cable is flexible or stiff enough based on the layout of the ducts it will travel through. All of these factors are considered by CableNet Industries before we begin cable blowing because we understand that proper preparation is the key to success.


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CableNet Industries have offices in Sunshine West, Victoria and Yatala, Queensland where we provide cable blowing services Australia-wide including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and beyond. No matter where your project is located or how much cable you need to install into a telecommunication duct, CableNet Industries has the dedicated cable equipment and comprehensive training to implement cable blowing installation successfully. We can also assist with cable hauling, fibre optic termination and cable testing and commissioning Contact us today to find out more about our cable blowing services by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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